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C2view uses a simple and straightforward process of optimizing its content in the search media, thus enabling practical, profitable and growing sales actions. SEO - Search Engine Optimization SEM - S E Marketing (Sponsored Links) Social media Directed and Interactive Content Production Partnership in relationship and campaign direction. Clippings and Reports publishing the content to achieve your META.

C2view uses a simple and straightforward process of optimizing its content in search engines, as well as practical, profitable and growing sales possibilities.

We produce on demand your campaign, be it online, Media Marketing, B2B, B2C, Press Office and campaigns at strategic points, we do public opinion study and quantitative and qualitative research. Joining channels of interaction and sales CRM can guarantee the best solution for your demand. We encourage the direct channel of interaction and identification with your Target.


Besides the traditional story pitch, with designs at our team content available in audio-visual format that can be used in television, radio, internet and newspapers.

The material produced can also be used on social networks, further enhancing customer visibility and identification with the brand.


We create, manage and present solutiontion in representation service (24h) and representative sales.

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24h attention service

Productions and Artistic Agencies.
Management offers full-service artist management solutions for a variety of music business clients ranging from alternatives, electronics, indie, hip-hop and world.