A C2view use a simple process directly to optimize your Content and bring your page to high visibility in your area of action.  CEO Marketing Digital.Eng

Conduct keyword research to discover what people are searching for relative to your niche.

Pick a series of high-volume, low-competition phrases

Build content around these phrases and topics

Launch and market the page. Build some links.

Watch the traffic roll in


Our service is ready to meet your demands and your clients, helping to understand public and market direction. We efficiently produce your campaign, meeting, business meeting, brain storming, presentation, executive accommodations and groups. Through a chain of producers and partners, we produce your campaign on demand, according to the appreciation of your audience, and we even offer a weekly contact with your customers to instigate your campaign model. We produce an interactivity with your client through Social Media Posts, Newsletter with your brand logo and information channels and interact directly with your current or target audience.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEM – S E Marketing (Links Patrocinados)

Mídias Sociais

Produção de Conteúdo Direcionado e Interativo

Parceria em relacionamento e direcionamento de campanha.

Clippings e Relatórios de o publicação do conteúdo para atingir sua META.